Come rain or shine

Richard was after a new wrist watch. Apparently his old one didn't work anymore. It was one of those fancy, solar-powered types but Richard didn't want another one of those. He explained how they seemed to have a serious design flaw in that they'd often be unable to get a good charge from the sun because they'd often be covered by the cuff of one's shirt! However the real reason turned out to be an embarrassing little incident for Richard.

Richard thought he'd come up with the perfect solution for the watch's inherent design flaw by, on sunny days whilst at his office, opening the window and placing the watch on the window ledge outside in order for it to get a good charge. This worked fine until the day he forgot all about the watch until several hours after leaving the office for the day.

Apparently it was very embarrassing him having to phone a colleague and request that they go and retrieve his solar powered wristwatch from the ledge outside his office window, particularly since it was no longer solar-wristwatch-charging-sunny but solar-wristwatch-wrecking-rain storm!

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