The iEat Quality Street app - An app too far?

The Dalbys are not a family to shun technological advancements. We move with the times. Sometimes we’re a little behind everyone else: Dad was probably one of the last people in the world to get a mobile/cell phone (and the jury is still out whether he really knows what he’s doing with it). Then sometimes we’re perhaps a little ahead of everyone else. We’ve been using Skype to make video calls for years and Stuart has even developed an iOS app. But he’s still searching for that killer app idea.

Sometimes we perhaps jump a little too far ahead. Like last Christmas when Richard was in town for a few days. The last couple of years the Dalby family appear to have caught the Apple bug and have accumulated many iPods and iPads. We were all busy playing with each other’s devices, looking to see which apps other people had, installing newly discovered apps, etc.

As it was Christmas, eventually a tin of Quality Street chocolates got handed around. Quality Street chocolates come in many flavours and in different coloured wrappers. Most Dalbys (with their cast-iron stomachs and lower than average number of taste buds - a result of eating large quantities of good quality, piping hot, Yorkshire grub whilst they were young resulting in them having a less than delicate appreciation of subtle tastes) didn’t need any help making a chocolate selection. All except one were not delayed by the apparent lack of the little menu you usually get in a tin of chocolates to help you make your selection. However, soon after handing the tin to Richard, you could almost see the light bulb appear above his head. “That’s what you need Stuart” he said, “An app to help you select a Quality Street!” We all looked at him in disbelief. “You know. It could show you a picture of each type and describe its flavour, calorie content, etc.”

Now I know the best apps in the world are usually based on the simplest of ideas but an app to help you select a Quality Street? Surely that involves a lot of development and who would be willing to use, let alone purchase such an app? Perhaps only one such person, called Richard, who at times is so lazy would prefer to have an app on his iPad to help him select a Quality Street rather put it down and rummage around in the tin looking for it!

The iEat Quality Street app...

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