READ THE MANUAL! But not too closely!

Dad was telling me how they had had a power cut at the house a few days ago. He had had to go around re-setting all the clocks in the house such as on the central heating timer, the oven clock, etc. He said that the only one left to be set was the clock on the microwave.

I asked him why he had not yet set the microwave's clock suspecting that he did not know how to do it. Reading my thoughts he assured me that he had looked at the instructions but had not been able to follow them as they had been out of the house every day at 12.35 since the power cut.

I wondered for a moment why dad thought it so important to set the microwave's clock at precisely 12.35 and then it hit me. The instructions on how to set the clock on the microwave must have used 12.35 as the example time when describing how to set the clock and dad had taken this literally to mean that he could only ever set the microwave's clock to 12.35!

Ok. So now after several years of reminding dad to look at the manual, I now have to qualify this by saying he shouldn't follow the instructions too closely!

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