REALLY Expensive Wine

On a trip to Paris, Richard developed a taste for a French desert wine - Sauternes. He liked it so much he ended up buying a bottle of a 1989 vintage which he described as "REALLY good".

When he got back to the US he went wine shopping for more but could only find 2002-2003 Sauternes - and full bottles were in the $60-$70 price range and were not half as good. He then began to worry about the bottle he'd bought in France. Either he'd got the deal of the century in Paris (doubtful) or he'd been confused by the Europeans' use of "," as the decimal point and may have accidentally paid 40,000 Euros (approximately $40,000) for his bottle. He hadn't kept his receipt and so had to anxiously await for the arrival of his next credit card statement!

A week or so later the following email arrived from Richard: "Last night when finally getting to the bottom of the laundry (a sad reflection on the state of the Dalby household I agree) I discovered the cork from the offending bottle. It turns out to be a Chateau Loubens (1989) Grand Cru. Today on French e-bay I found a 1988 bottle that only looks to be 12-13 Euro before the bidding stops, so I doubt it will go to four hundred or thousand Euro as I feared! I think this is a cause for celebration tonight, but you better believe that I’ll be looking over the price in $ very carefully!"

Another week or so later Richard could give a big sigh of relief: "I got my credit card bill - I got away with $46 for my wine indulgence! (In my opinion, money very well spent!)."

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