Seeing Double

Many a Saturday during the summer of 2002 saw Stuart at Anthony & Helen's newly extended house doing a few odd jobs for them. They purchased a second back-to-back cottage and connected it to their original house. On this particular Saturday, Stuart was busy doing a little DIY job for them, Helen was out shopping and Anthony was busy putting up pictures around the house.

Coming down the stairs, Stuart saw Anthony pondering the position of a new picture at the bottom of one staircase, just below an existing picture. "You don't want to put it there" said Stuart, "It's too low". "No it's not "replied Anthony defiantly”. Stuart was used to this kind of initial response from Anthony and so continued, "Pictures are normally put at eye level so they’re easier to see. Anyway, it’ll get knocked when people walk by if you put it down there. Why not put it to one side?". "No." said Anthony, "That won't look right. It was bought to go here". Stuart tried his best to dissuade Anthony from his plan but Anthony wasn't giving up. "It's a nice picture!" he protested. Stuart hadn't previously considered how the 'nice-ness' of the picture should influence the height it was hung at. Remembering the horse head mounting job from a couple of years earlier (Don’t ask!), Stuart adopted the 'contractor only' mentality and conceded the argument. Going back to work upstairs, Stuart reviewed the picture in a new light - a young girl and a dog. "Not so bad" he thought. Then he looked at the other picture already on the wall. They looked similar… Very similar. In fact, they were identical! "It's the same picture!" cried Stuart. "Yes!" replied Anthony, "That's why they've got to go together!". Stuart was taken back a bit before yelling, "When was the last time you saw two identical pictures hung side by side?". "It's artistic!" cried Anthony.

Stuart completely gave up, "It's your house Anthony. Do what you want".

"I'll check with Helen before I put it up" said Anthony a little while later.

Fortunately, when Helen returned, she didn't share Anthony's artistic sensibilities. The new picture was consigned to a different room somewhere upstairs. Obviously, having two staircases in the house has got Anthony seeing double!

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