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Posted by StuartDalby, Sat 15 Mar 2008 4:59 pm

This page is just a bit of fun really. Basically you can post a comment about just about anything! I'll start off with a few general musings of my own - It might even turn into a bit of a blog! If you feel the urge to respond to anything I've said, or maybe you have something of your own you want to comment on, then post away!

Anyone can post a comment. You just need to login first and to do this you will need to have registered. As a minimum, registration only requires you to choose a username (public name) and enter your email address (which is kept private and will not be disclosed to anyone else). Once you have registered you'll receive an email straight away with your login details and that's it - you can then post away!

And don't worry if you post something in haste. You don't have to repent at leisure. You can Delete your own comments at anytime.

Enjoy! Have Fun!

If you find this information useful, please consider supporting this website.

Posted by StuartDalby, Sat 15 Mar 2008 5:00 pm
Some of you long-standing visitors to my web site (back in the days when the address was might remember I used to have a page called "Help me clear my mind". There I would post a few questions which were obviously troubling me and I would invite people to post the answers to help me out. It was quite fun and that is what this page is intended to be. Also it's so much better than back when your comments were sent to me via email and I had to manually update the web page before anyone else could see them. Now your comments appear straight away and I can no longer be accused (as I faintly remember being back then) of filtering people's responses! :-)
Posted by StuartDalby, Sat 15 Mar 2008 5:00 pm
I think one of the "Help me clear my mind" questions was "What is the difference between single and double cream". Gripping stuff you have to admit! I think I got a few suggestions, some serious, but I never did find out for sure.
Posted by sok, Sat 15 Mar 2008 10:51 pm
Well isn't this fancy! I am not sure if I want everything to be in italics...can I use html tags when commenting?
And what is the difference between single and double cream? It's not something we have in New Zealand.
Toodlepip :)
Posted by StuartDalby, Sun 16 Mar 2008 10:30 am
What's so wrong with italics!? Thought it had that nice 'handwritten' kind of appearance :-) Maybe if enough people have an adversity to them I'll change it.
I think single cream is thiner than double. But then where does whipping cream come in? It's so confusing even to us none-NZ folk.
Posted by sok, Fri 21 Mar 2008 11:30 pm
Maybe you should have email notifications set up if someone 'replies' to a comment? But then they aren't really replying are they... Wow, I'm so helpful!
My only aversion to italics is they make me feel like I'm leaning slightly to one side...
Posted by StuartDalby, Sat 22 Mar 2008 8:14 am
You know, I did actually think about adding that facility. Maybe one day.

Easter here in the UK. Well I guess everywhere actually. It's a very windy, cold Easter here then. I have Suzy visiting whilst Dad is away on another holiday - in Scotland actually - bet it's cold up there. The weather was nice enough yesterday for me to brave a long walk with Suzy. Today she has no chance. Happy Easter everyone - ok - since it's only you and me sok. Happy Easter sok :-)
Posted by sok, Sat 22 Mar 2008 10:31 am
Happy Easter to you too! I am in a show at the moment, so I don't feel like I'm having much of a holiday, what with the late nights and things, but it's fun nonetheless. I also don't feel I have enough chocolate eggs this Easter...

Look here is a picture of me in my show!
I am the one in the pink dress with various odd expressions on my face...

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