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Cheapest Peugeot 306 model for insurance?

Posted by harry-hdi, Wed 20 Jun 2012 8:10 pm
Hi all,

First post so i'd just like to say hi to everyone. After driving a friends Peugeot 306 and being rather impressed by what a nice car they are (for the money you can pick them up for now) i've decided to chop in my old Renault Clio and get one.

Insurance is a problem for me because of my area code and points on licence so I need to try and find the cheapest model possible. You can forget the GTI or any of the large engine but I had my eye on the 1.4 as according to they seem to be the lowest group. However the 1.9 diesel also is a group 9 which suggests that will also be one of the cheapest to insure.

Are there any owners of either the 1.9 diesel or 1.4 petrol on this forum? How do you think they would compare in terms of fuel costs and maintenance?


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Posted by StuartDalby, Thu 21 Jun 2012 9:09 am
A diesel will always beat a petrol engine in terms of fuel costs. I'd also say I'm sure the diesel would be easier to service, be more reliable and last longer. The only downside is diesels are usually a bit more expensive to buy.

Remember though that there are turbo and non-turbo versions of the 1.9 diesel engine. There's a big difference in performance between the two. The 1.9 turbo diesel engine is supposed to be the engine of choice (and I'd agree with that) so if you can afford the slighly higher insurance on one of those I think you'll find that a much more enjoyable car to own.

Hope that helps,

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