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Stalling and Engine Management Light flashing on and off.

Posted by chillertwist, Wed 4 Jul 2012 3:16 pm

I own a Peugeot 306 2.0 Xsi on an M Plate.

For a while, the engine managemant light flashes on briefly as I am driving along and the car lurches forward briefly and then goes back to normal. About 5 years ago, it had a similar problem and the MAP sensor was replaced to fix it so I wonder if this might be the same problem again.

In addition to the above, there is now an additional problem where the car stalls when I am stationary in traffic, or slowing to a stop. It happened the first time about a month ago, and the red and green lights on the immobiliser were solid so it wouldn't accept the code and I couldn't restart the car. A few blokes pushed me to a safer spot and I switched everything off and got out of the car before locking it with the keyfob. After waiting a couple of minutes, I could see that the immobiliser lights had changed to a single red flashing light, so I got back in the car and it started straight away when I input the code.

Yesterday, I was driving home in the rain and the same problem happened. I was in a queue of traffic and the engine just cut out all of a sudden. It was like the engine power just dropped for no reason. Again, I needed to be pushed to the side of the road and then reset everything because I couldn't restart.

Last night, I disconnected the immobiliser completely (pulled the plug out the back of the keypad whilst the engine was running) thinking that this was the reason I couldn't restart. I can cope with stalling but its the not being able to restart in busy traffic that gets me annoyed because i'm heavily pregnant and get a bit stressed out by it!

Drove the car this morning for about 3 miles, came up to a junction and as I slowed down it stalled again. Even though the immobiliser was disconnected, I still couldn't restart and had to turn the engine off, lock the car, unlock and restart again!! I'm getting a bit fed up with it now.

The following may be relevant.............1) My petrol is on the red both yesterday and today. 2) My car went through the MOT fine last week with no problems or advisories. 3) Both the Engine Management Light problem and the Stalling problem seems to be worse in wet weather.

Can anyone give me any pointers or ideas of what is causing this? I've got the car booked into a garage for Friday, but it would be helpful if I could guide the mechanic in the right direction!!

Thanks guys

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Posted by StuartDalby, Wed 4 Jul 2012 9:44 pm
It sounds to me like you should concentrate on getting the immobiliser either fixed or disabled properly. It does sound to me like it's the immobiliser which isn't working properly, cutting the engine and then preventing you from re-starting.

I don't think simply unplugging the immobiliser keypad will disable the immobiliser entirely. It wouldn't be a very secure immobiliser system if this was all you needed to do to by-pass it.

As for the other things, I'm pretty sure this problem isn't related to running low on fuel (although running low on fuel is never good for an engine - more chance of the engine drinking dirty fuel/water from the bottom of the tank). The MOT only covers essentials. If the engine is running and not polluting during the test, it will pass. Wet weather does increase the chances of affecting the electronics. It shouldn't, but sometimes it does. This may indicate an electrical fault somewhere.

Maybe the Engine Management Light is coming on because it senses a problem with the immobiliser. I'm not sure about this. Maybe there is a separate engine problem which may be causing the engine to cut out but I think the immobiliser is a good first first place to start.

Hope that helps. Let us know how you get on,

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