Thermal Imaging Camera Hire

Thermal imaging cameras have lots of uses. They are a great way of measuring the temperature of objects from a distance, and locating hot and cold spots. Cooler surfaces are shown in dark colours (purple and black) whilst warmer surfaces are shown in lighter colours (yellow and orange).

Check for problems

Thermal image of underfloor heating pipework.
Locate problems with heating pipework.
Thermal image of the outside of a house.
Check for possible problems with cavity wall insulation.
Thermal image of uninsulated flat roof
Keep the cold out.
Close those curtains!
Thermal image of draughty loft hatch.
Locate draughts.
Thermal image of curtains partially covering a radiator
Let your radiators work.
Don't cover them with curtains!

Fix problems

Once you have found a cold spot within your home, you can work on erradicating it.

Rather than pay for expensive, whole-house solutions, small-scale solutions bought from your local DIY store can be inexpensive, quick and make a big difference.

Thermal image of uninsulated flat roof Thermal image of insulated flat roof
A flat roof extension before and after insulation was added.

Thermal Imaging Camera Accessory

Thermal imaging cameras can be expensive, aimed at professionals, and you may only need to use one for a short period of time. Costs can be kept to a minimum by hiring a thermal imaging camera accessory to use with your existing smartphone or tablet device.

Photo of thermal imaging camera smartphone accessory.
Use detached with an iPad.
Photo of thermal imaging camera smartphone accessory.
Can be attached to back of a smartphone.

Our thermal camera accessories are really easy to use. They connect to your device wirelessly and can be used whilst either clipped to the back of your smartphone or separately.

Just install the FLIR ONE app from your device's App Store (i.e. Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store). Turn on the camera accessory and open the FLIR ONE app on your device. The app will guide you through any initial setup required before your device becomes a thermal imaging camera!

As well as showing you live thermal images, you can also take photos and videos for future reference. These are saved on your device, not the camera.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thermal Imaging Camera Accessory Hire

Complete the form below to hire a thermal imaging camera accessory for your smartphone or tablet. A camera accessory will be dispatched within one working day. Once received, use the camera accessory as much as you like for the duration of the hire. At the end of the hire period, post the camera accessory back to us and upon receipt, your deposit will be refunded minus the hire charge. View our full Terms and Conditions.

Unfortunately, we do not have any camera accessories available at the moment. Please check back again later or contact us to request an email when a camera accessory becomes available.

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