Dead Charge Port Door Lock Actuator

6th October 2021

Combined VW emblem and Charge Port door

When I first got my GTE I noticed that the charge port door didn't lock. It would close and look normal but anyone could walk up to it and pull it open. There was also the slight possibility that the wind could catch it and open it, possibly whilst driving.

Charge Port door lock actuator, removed (left) and whilst attached (right).

I investigated and could see that the door is locked in place by an actuator. However the actuator appeared to be dead. New, genuine replacements didn't appear to be hard to come by, were not expensive and would not be hard to fit. Only the black grill with the blue stripe which surrounds the emblem needs to be removed.

Charge Port door actuator shaft in closed position (left) and in open position (right).

I have not replaced it as yet. The main reason is that I found I could free up the actuator so that the shaft now rotates with only slight resistance. Then, once properly aligned, the door now closes securely and needs to be pushed in slightly before opening. This is an improvement on before. I also think there is a small advantage in being able to open the door (to insert the charge plug) even after the car has been locked. So I'm happy to leave it like this for now.


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