Radio Knob

161,000 miles, 26th January 2015

I can't exactly remember when I first noticed that the volume knob on my Mk V's original RCD 300 radio/CD unit was, for want of a better word, becoming wrinkly. The other knob was fine.

Wrinkly & replacement RCD 300 knobs
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I guess it had been like this for at least 5 years. I do remember occasionally checking if I could pull the knob off to see if it would be easy to replace but it felt like it was quite securely fixed and so I had left it.

Wrinkly volume knob removed
showing splined shaft.,
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Recently however I decided that it must be replaceable and I should be able to find a new one online. Sure enough I found a brand new replacement on for about £10 and then another £5 for tax and postage. Seemed a little steep for such a small part but I guess there's not a lot of demand. Anyway, I decided to buy one as this was the only part of my car's interior which didn't still look like brand new. I figured that by looking at the new knob I would be able to deduce how to remove the old one.

New knob fitted.
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A few days later I had the new knob and could see that it was just a push fit onto a splined shaft. I therefore approached my car's stereo with a cloth and 2 small screwdrivers. A little prizing, using the cloth so I didn't mark anything, the old knob slid off relatively easily. A couple of seconds later and the new knob was in place.

The white, illuminated part of the new knob is slightly whiter than the old knob, probably just because it is newer but it is not really noticable. I guess if this would bother you you could buy two new knobs and replace both.

A small, easy and relatively cheap job which means the interior of my now 10 and a half year old Mk V Golf is still almost like new. The exterior has a few small stone chips and scuff marks but it doesn't look that bad either.

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