Honest John on-going review of the Volkswagen Golf Mk V (2004 - 2008)
A comprehensive, on-going review of the Volkswagen Golf V (2004 - 2008).


Free Workshop Repair Manuals
A wealth of detailed techinical information not just for the Golf Mk 5 but other Volkswagen vehicles as well as other makes. USA based but no US-specific. Not the easiest website to use but persevere and you will be rewarded. Look for the navigation menu on the left hand side. Then use the [NEXT PAGE] links in the top right hand corner of the content. Self Study Program
A large archive of official VW literature intended for dealership employees in PDF format. Contains a large amount of detailed information about many different aspects of all types of VAG vehicles including the Mk V Golf.
Excellent US-based site containing extensive detailed/technical information about the Mk V Jetta (as well as other VW group cars). The Mk V Golf with a TDI engine was never sold in the US but the majority of the information about the Jetta apply equally to the Mk V Golf.
Australian based web site containing lots of detailed/technical information about Mk V and Mk VI golf's.

Volkswagen (Russia) Technical Site
Not the easiest of sites to navigate around but there are lots of useful nuggets of information here (many in English - marked with "(eng.)" ) about all types of VW vehicles including the Mk V Golf. Many original VW service guides are available including step-by-step instructions and clear drawings.


The following UK-based forums discuss the Mk V golf including FAQs, comments, views and opinions from UK Mk V owners:


Volkswagen Golf V manufacture You Tube Video
Professional quality 22 minute video (with German commentary*) showing the entire VW Mk V assembly process from sheets of steel to the car driving off the production line. Not much human interaction I can tell you!
* You can actually use YouTube's Captions settings to dynamically convert the German commentary into English (or other languages). It's not perfect but it's better than my German and you get the general idea of what they are saying!

Timings (mm:ss):


VW Group PR Number/Option Codes decoder
Excellent decoder for the PR Numbers/Option Codes which tell you the characteristics of your individual car. PR Numbers/Option Codes are found on the stickers located in your Service Schedule booklet and under the carpet of your Mk V's luggage compartment.

Online Part Suppliers and Databases

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