Honest John on-going review of the Volkswagen Golf Mk V (2004 - 2008)
A comprehensive, on-going review of the Volkswagen Golf V (2004 - 2008).


Free Workshop Repair Manuals
A wealth of detailed techinical information not just for the Golf Mk 5 but other Volkswagen vehicles as well as other makes. USA based but no US-specific. Not the easiest website to use but persevere and you will be rewarded. Look for the navigation menu on the left hand side. Then use the [NEXT PAGE] links in the top right hand corner of the content. Self Study Program
A large archive of official VW literature intended for dealership employees in PDF format. Contains a large amount of detailed information about many different aspects of all types of VAG vehicles including the Mk V Golf.
Excellent US-based site containing extensive detailed/technical information about the Mk V Jetta (as well as other VW group cars). The Mk V Golf with a TDI engine was never sold in the US but the majority of the information about the Jetta apply equally to the Mk V Golf.

Volkswagen (Russia) Technical Site
Not the easiest of sites to navigate around but there are lots of useful nuggets of information here (many in English - marked with "(eng.)" ) about all types of VW vehicles including the Mk V Golf. Many original VW service guides are available including step-by-step instructions and clear drawings.


The following UK-based forums discuss the Mk V golf including FAQs, comments, views and opinions from UK Mk V owners:


Volkswagen Golf V manufacture You Tube Video
22 minute video with German commentary (English captions available courtesy of YouTube) showing the entire VW Mk V assembly process from sheets of steel to the car driving off the production line. Not much human interaction I can tell you!

Timings (mm:ss):


VW Group PR Number/Option Codes decoder
Excellent decoder for the PR Numbers/Option Codes which tell you the characteristics of your individual car. PR Numbers/Option Codes are found on the stickers located in your Service Schedule booklet and under the carpet of your Mk V's luggage compartment.

If you spot any out-of-date links (or know of any other relevant VW Golf Mk5 links), please let me know. Thanks.

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