Mk 5 Secrets

The Golf Mk V is full of useful features. Most are described in the manual. I strongly recommend you read it carefully to get the most out of your Mk V. However, here are some little bits of information I have picked up which are not mentioned in the manual. I have verified most in either my own or other peoples' Mk Vs. Those which are un-verified are clearly indicated.

Click here to contact me if you know anything else about the Mk V which is not mentioned in the manual.

Visitor comments
Posted by private, Sun 11 Sep 2011 7:36 pm
Dear Stuart, thank you so much for your VW info. I just bought a 2004 Golf SE fsi with A/C. there was no a/c button so thought i didn't have any. All your 'secret' info has been so useful as i am no 'techno bird'!
Posted by private, Mon 17 Dec 2012 7:13 pm
There is one more thing which is not covered in my manual. I own a Touran 2008 which has similar functions to Golf 5. If you press the lock button on the remote key while at least one of the doors is not closed correctly, the turn lights would not blink. Blinking lights is a confirmation that all 5 doors are locked correctly.

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