Goodbye Squeaks

Goodbye squeaks!

29th September 2007

I recently heard about a common source of annoying squeaks and rattles in Golf Mk Vs. Loose screws and washers beneath each side air vent. Fortunately access to them was really easy via the removeable dash end panels (accessible when the front doors are open). Sure enough, both screws in my car were really loose. A quick tighten with a torx key and no more squeaks! Makes such a difference to the quality feeling of the car.

After a year in my car, I've now taken out the Scangauge II gadget. I found it very useful initially and it did influence the way I drove but it too started rattling. The problem was the buttons rattling against the body. I contacted the manufacturer and they recognised the problem and said new devices now had rubber buttons to prevent this problem. I couldn't improvise a solution though so the gadget came out.

The car, now 3 years and 3 months old, continues to perform flawlessly. There's been no unexpected faults requiring a visit to the dealer and it sailed through its first MOT in June. It's a joy to drive and own. For days on end it is reliable and economical on the commute to and from work. Another day I can enjoy a spirited drive through the twisty and hilly country roads of the Yorkshire Dales and still average over 50MPG. Another day I may drive over 200 miles on the motorway where the cruise control, climate control, auto-wipers and lights make me feel almost like just a passenger - travelling first class of course.

One low point of the year was a little lapse of concentraction back in July when I reversed into a stone wall! Oops! Fortunately there was only a slight bit of damage to the rear bumper which was not worth getting repaired and I've managed to disguise it with a little touching up. A car is going to get a few bumps and scratches anyway so I don't feel too bad.

Yesterday I picked up the new Haynes manual for the VW Golf Mk V. I'm a big fan of Haynes manuals and I was looking forward to learning more about my car. It didn't disappoint and I'm sure I'll be referring to it quite often in the future. I was also very pleased to see that it contained a short but very well written foreward by the Institute of Advanced Motorists where they summarise the style of driving they advocate. Click here to read it.

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