Stone in brakes & Wheel Swap

31,100 miles, 18th June 2005

Had a little scare last week. Horrible grinding noise coming from one of the front wheels. I couldn't see or feel anything but I definately could hear something was wrong. Fortunately, the VW dealer was able to identify nothing more than a stone in the ABS system. All fixed now. Click here for more details.

I had noticed recently that the front tyres were wearing quicker than those on the rear. Since I plan to eventually get all 4 tyres replaced together and try another brand in an attempt to reduce the amount of road noise entering the cabin, I decided to swap the tyres around as suggested in the manual. This was easily achieved and I took the opportunity to give the inside of each alloy wheel a good clean before refitting. (I could also check that none of the wheel bolts had been tightened to the extent that I couldn't remove them should I have a puncture) I now have nice shiny alloy wheels on the inside as well as the outside! Hopefully I should get nearly another year's use out of the tyres.

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