VCDS Diagnostics/Customisation

26th March 2017

I bought a VCDS Micro-CAN interface from Ross-Tech when I had my Volkswagen Golf Mk 5. It was primarily so that I could check that the car was running ok and diagnose any problems which occurred. It also allowed me to make a few customisations such as fine tune the sensitivity of the Auto Wipers & Auto Lights after a windscreen change and enabling the rear window teardrop wipe.

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Mk 7 fault codes

I thought having VCDS was worth the money whilst I had my Mk 5 but I was pleased to learn I could continue to use it on my Mk 7. Since my Mk 7 was 3 years old when I bought it, I was keen to use VCDS to see if any fault codes were logged. There were a few but nothing major. I cleared them all and only one seems to reoccur:

328196 - Motor for Right Temperature Flap 
B108D 71 [009] - Actuator stuck
Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear

UPDATE 19th November 2016: After monitoring this fault code for the last 4 months, I think the problem is that there must be some restricted movement of the right temperature flap which prevents it from being able to completely shut off hot air from entering the cabin. Using VCDS to run one of the HVAC system's output tests appears to confirm this. The fault code only appears to be logged during the summer when the car is started with a really hot interior. Now that we are almost into winter this situation rarely occurs and the fault code isn't logged so much. I will continue to monitor but I could live with this problem if I had to.

Mk 7 customisations

Starting from the Ross-Tech Wiki page for the VW Golf VII it pointed me to a number of forums discussing modifications and customisations for the Golf Mk 7. It sooner became apparent that there were lots but I have verified the following:

Picture Viewer, touch screen controls and Images Setup menu.

Green menu.

YouTube video showing Test Mode.

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