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No Green Light. Descale Red On, Fill Red Light Flashing.

Posted by KwanLawSiskin, Sat 25 Jun 2016 7:52 am
Orange Standby light on, Red Fill light flashing (randomly). The Float moves freely, but sometimes light flashes suddenly even when tank is filled. If I nudge the float a little, the fill light will go off for a few days. Switch power on, all 4 lights flash for one sec but Now Descale light is on & Fill light blinks. T-Disc in & close lid, Green ready light is off, so nothing works. Cleaned scan window, tank, and nozzle, with Yellow disc, with a new coffee disc. No Green light. Pushed the microswitch under lid dew times, it appear to be free. Just about to take the whole thing apart to check inside! I placed a small flat earth magnet directly onto the float. Bingo! Everything's Working! Is it safe to leave the magnet as it is exposed & immersed in the water tank?

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Posted by StuartDalby, Sat 25 Jun 2016 2:18 pm
Glad to hear that you got it working. These magnets are starting to become a common point of failure for Tassimo machines. I'm pretty sure it will be ok to leave the magnet as it is. Maybe you could glue it in place. See

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