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Cruise control not cutting out

Posted by private, Thu 11 May 2017 5:24 pm Edit | Delete
Hello Stuart quick question my gol is a 1.9tdi se 105bhp
Wen using cruise control wen switched on at a set speed wen you touch the brake it slows down not cuts out is that ment to happen i know a lot of cars cut out wen u brake



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Posted by StuartDalby, Thu 11 May 2017 6:05 pm
Hi Martin,

No, that's not right. Touching the brake should always cancel the cruise control. I think the brake is monitored by the same switch which activates the car's brake lights. Are these working?

Hope that helps,
Posted by private, Thu 11 May 2017 7:33 pm Edit | Delete
All working fine now. Think it was just me

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