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Infotainment screen display won't retain last choice

Posted by Golf7fan, Sat 3 Feb 2018 7:47 pm
I was very interested to read the advice in Golf Mk 7 Secrets regarding the default display of the Infotainment system defaulting to “Convenience consumers” view in Eco mode. I’ve been using Eo mode for the last 2 years and the default keeps changing, much to my annoyance as I like to check the fuel consumption. I tried your tip of setting it to Individual Driving Mode with the same options as Eco mode but it still didn’t retain the last view (I’d like it to be Driving Data). I’ve been on to the agents about it numerous times and they’ve tried “recalibrating and parameterising”, along with a software update, but to no avail. Any ideas? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Posted by StuartDalby, Sat 3 Feb 2018 8:02 pm
This is weird. It definitely works on my 2013 Mk 7 fitted with the Composition Media Infotainment System (MIB/MIB1). Like you I prefer to see the Driving Info display most of the time. So long as I don't select Eco Mode the display always remembers the last display.

What year is your Mk 7? I think these Infotainment systems get updated quite frequently and so I wonder if they changed this behaviour in later models. Do you know which Infotainment system your car has fitted? Does it have Navigation built in?

Posted by Golf7fan, Sun 4 Feb 2018 10:10 am
Thanks for getting back to me. It's a 2015 petrol model, 1.4 Bluemotion. The System information screen shows
Device oart number: 5GOO3582OA
Hardware: 041
Software: 0486
Media codec: N/A
It doesn't have Satnav. In the last trip to the agents they updated the software after previously doing the equivalent of a factory reset. My concern is that the developers will lose interest in making improvements to what is now ageing software. It's difficult to imagine why they should prevent or remove the ability to set a default screen of the user's choice. But then, software developers...
Posted by StuartDalby, Sun 4 Feb 2018 7:33 pm
I think you're right. They are unlikely to change the behaviour of the unit now unless they have to. I think you are stuck with the current behaviour.

Just for reference here's my Infotainment System's information:
Device part number: 5G0035820
Hardware: 039
Software: 0170

Also, just in case it makes a difference (but I don't think it will) here are my Individual Driving Mode settings:
Steering: Normal
Engine: Eco
ACC: Eco
Air conditioning: Normal

Hope that helps,
Posted by Golf7fan, Tue 6 Feb 2018 10:12 am
Thankyou so much for providing all this information, all very interesting. I see they've taken out the Air conditioning option from the Individual Driving Mode settings in my version. I've found out on another forum that updating the software isn't a quick, simple job so I can see why they won't want to do it again. Your solution of setting the mode to Individual has worked for the last ten journeys or more so that's not bad, only one wrong screen. I'll have to settle for that.

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