GTE Secrets

26th May 2022

The Volkswagen GTE includes all the VW Golf Mk 7 Secrets, plus a few more:

Switch between displaying e-range and Trip Odometer

On GTE's fitted with the Active Info Display (virtual cockpit), by default, the E-Range (electric range) on the dash takes the place of the trip odometer. You can switch between the two by following the instructions at

With ignition on, hold down Trip Reset (0.0) button.

Wait until Switch between e-range and trip is displayed, then release.

Press Trip Reset button to confirm Switch to trip?

Confirmation displayed and trip odometer now displayed in place of e-range.

Repeat process to switch back to displaying e-range.

Addition infotainment system views

Additional Driving Data views can be enabled by changing the Infotainment System's coding using a tool such as VCDS.

Offroad information

Coolant Temperature, Steering Angle & Oil Temperature dials displayed in the Offroad information view of Infotainment system.

I find this view useful for monitoring Coolant Temperature & Oil Temperature together (rather than individually in the MFD). 3 parameters can be displayed at a time. The other available parameters are Steering angle, elevation and compass.

Think Blue Trainer

The Think Blue Trainer & the Blue Score Overview views are very flattering but not very useful in a GTE.


However, the Consumption Overview (Fuel) and Consumption Overview (Power) views are very useful for showing efficiency over the last 30 minutes.

We Connect app

We Connect app

I like the Volkswagen We Connect app. I like being able to monitor battery charge levels, update departure times, control the HVAC system and view recent trip efficiency from anywhere. It can sometimes be a bit slow to connect and sometimes can fail to connect altogether. Rather than this being a problem with the app's communication with the server, I think sometimes the problem is with the car. I've had this happen to me a couple of times where the car appears to have gotten itself confused and you cannot get the We Connect app to connect no matter what you try. However, after a drive, it connects straight away. Still keeping an eye on this.

In the meantime, I've learnt that the Volkswagen We Connect ID app, whilst intended for newer VW cars, can be used with the GTE and appears much quicker at connecting. On iOS, there is also a useful widget which allows you to quickly keep an eye on battery charge and fuel levels. Both are reported as percentages. Whilst this is finer detail for the battery and therefore somewhat useful, I find it a little unintuitive to show fuel level in this way.

We Connect ID app and iOS widget


That's it for now. Please let me know if you know of any other hidden features which are NOT mentioned in the manual.

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